Super Cool Ideas for Dog Halloween Costumes

Here are some cute ideas for dog Halloween costumes that you can still order from Amazon – just in time for trick or treating! Dressing up isn’t just for you humans, we dogs love to participate in the Howl-o-week fun too.  (Just don’t give us any chocolate, okay!)  Or, just dress up any day, any … Read more

Grounds and Hounds Coffee Review + Coupon Discount Promo Code 15% Off!

Happy National Coffee Day, everypawdy! Today, I have a public service announcement: Hounds and Grounds go together like peas and carrots.  The super cool peeps at Grounds and Hounds reached out to me to do a cute Instagram post, and the MOM (“Media Online Manager”) decided to do up a Grounds and Hounds Coffee Review … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes Skin?

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes with skin? Yes! Sweet potatoes are good for humans and also your dog. Sweet potatoes and the skins are a good source of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins C, B6, & A. #doggy #dogs #sweetpotatoes #cookingfordogs #healthydogs #dogfood Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes’ Skin? [sc name=”affiliate”] Mr. Pug looks like he … Read more

4 Best Dog Flea Shampoo [Latest Updated Review]

Fleas and ticks are not only itching for us but also un-pleasant for all pet parents. There are various methods to remove fleas from your pet. You can go with home remedies to temporarily kill the pest but as I said that it is temporary. Fleas will most probably find their way back to your … Read more

25 Interesting Facts about Dogs

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend and have been for a long time. Individuals began to keep dogs as pets as long as 12000 years earlier. We know this since natural cave paintings in Spain shows that man and dog lived together. I’ve researched up 25 interesting facts about dogs! 25 Interesting Facts About Dogs, Man’s … Read more

How to Travel Full Time Taking Care of Doggies (and Kitties)

Today I’m going to tell you a secret: how to travel full time.  Yes, it is possible. On my bucket list is to travel to many different countries. (But, I won’t be flying United Airlines because apparently, they kill dogs and more dogs.)  I don’t think that I’d like to travel all the time, although … Read more