25 Interesting Facts about Dogs

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend and have been for a long time. Individuals began to keep dogs as pets as long as 12000 years earlier. We know this since natural cave paintings in Spain shows that man and dog lived together. I’ve researched up 25 interesting facts about dogs!

25 Interesting Facts About Dogs, Man’s Best Friend

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1. Dog or Dinosaurs?  The most earliest fossil returns to pretty much 10000 B.C. Dog fossils have been found wherever all through the world, including Russia, Germany, France and Iraq.

2. Dogs are omnivores , which suggests that they eat both meat and plants. A dog that has a healthy diet eating routine is eating a variety of foods.

3. Dogs still have Instincts, that is the reason they turn around circle before resting, wild dogs did this to scan grass for comfort. They similarly rest settle curled up into a ball, this is in light of the fact that wild dogs required their legs close their heart to protect and moreover to guarantee their basic organs like the heart and stomach from predators that may attack.

4. Dogs are popular pets-About one in every three families in the United States have a pooch. Honestly, the United States has the most dogs on earth.

5. The french loves dogs and have the second most dogs on earth essentially behind the United states.

6. We love labs. The Labrador Retriever is the most outstanding Dog breed in America. In reality, even the setting up dads George Washington had 36 pooches. All of them were foxhounds and one had the engaging name Sweetlips.

7. There are dogs the world over. Dogs are popular in numerous countries and there are 400 million dogs around the world.

8. Dogs are interesting. There are a total of 700 pure breed dogs a ton progressively mixed breed dogs. Dogs can be all different sizes and lands in a collection of colors.

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9. Pooches have excessively strong sentiment of smell and can smell some place in the scope of 10000-100000 times better than anything individuals dependent upon breed. Bloodhounds have particularly strong sentiment of smell and were used as early as the middle age in order to enable warriors to find criminals. That is one stunning nose.

10. Dogs have wet noses because their nose puts out a thin layer like mucous like you have in your nostrils. Dogs do this for a special reason. The mucous helps catch different smell. Dogs licks the mucous with their tongues to sample their smell with mouth.

11. Dogs have nose prints that are as unique as fingerprints in humans. In fact no dogs can have the same nose print.

12. Dogs don’t have many taste buds. They have only about 1700. Humans have 9000 taste buds. That is why they don’t mind eating dog food. 

13. Don’t feed them chocolate because it contains an ingredient called theobromine, which is kind of caffeine but will make dogs sick or even can be lethal. They can eat apple slices but not apple cores. Other foods that can make dogs sick are grapes , onions and garlic. Keep these foods away from dogs, no matter how much they are trying to beg them.  But you know what they can eat? Peanut butter!

14. Dogs dream just like people do. A part of the sleep cycle called REM Stage in which they dream. You will come to see this is happening if you watch them carefully as they sleep. Their paws and legs might move or their eyes might twitch. Some dogs even howl in their sleep.

15. Dogs have an Internal clock and can tell what time of day it is when humans perform their usual routine. This is why some dogs can get restless if they do not go out for their usual morning walk and why others wait for their owners when they are expected to return home from work or school.

16. One dog breed can’t bark , The Basenji Breed sometimes called the African Wolf dog cannot bark. The noise that they make instead sounds more like a “barro” than a bark.

17. The smaller they are, the quicker their heart rates. Larger dogs heart beats about 60-100 times a minute just like humans, but smaller dogs hearts beat faster with 100-140 beats per minute.

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18. Dogs age quickly. A One year old dog is considered an adult and is as mature as a 15 year old human is. That is why people estimate that one year dogs life is about the same as seven human years.

19. Dogs don’t live as long as humans do because they age so quickly.In fact, the average life expectancy for a dog is only 15 years. That doesn’t mean that they can’t live for longer. The dog who lived to be oldest was a Queenslander Heeler from Australia named Bluey. He lived to the ripe old age of 29.

20. Dogs have wet feet because unlike humans, who can sweat from anywhere on their body, dogs only sweat through the pads in their feet.

21. Dogs can see in the dark because they have a special layer of tissue in their eyes that humans don’t have. That is why you can see a dogs eyes glue in the dark.

22. Dogs have sharp hearing. They can hear a sound from greater distance than humans can, in some cases as far as four times the distance of humans. They also can hear sounds at higher or lower frequency.

23. Hot dog. If you had a temperature of 101 or 102 Fahrenheit, it probably means that you are sick but that is normal temperature for a dog. That is dog pant in hot weather, they are more sensitive to heat than we are and should never be left out in the sun for long periods of time.

24. There are Laws about Dog because they are such a part of big lives. The strangest law is Paulding,ohio and forbids Police officers to bite a dog in order to get them to be quiet. That is probably a good idea not only to keep the dogs safe,but the officers as well because the injured dog is likely to bite back.

25. Dogs can warn us. Other dogs are trained to predict when their owners are about to have a seizure. They warn their owners and others around them to keep them safe when this happens.

What other interesting facts about dogs do you know?

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We know this since natural cave paintings in Spain shows that man and dog lived together. I've researched up 25 interesting facts about dogs! interesting facts on dogs|interesting facts for dogs|facts abiyt digs noses|facts about dogs eyes|facts about dogs ears

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