Super Cool Ideas for Dog Halloween Costumes

Here are some cute ideas for dog Halloween costumes that you can still order from Amazon – just in time for trick or treating! Dressing up isn’t just for you humans, we dogs love to participate in the Howl-o-week fun too.  (Just don’t give us any chocolate, okay!)  Or, just dress up any day, any month. Because we pups are super cute no matter what!

I love getting dressed up, and the MOM loves taking pictures of me getting all dressed up.  I know I would be really cute in any of these outfits.  So here is some inspiration for you!  Send me a DM @joepawdog if you want me to feature your funny costume on my Instagram account!

All of these ideas for dog Halloween costumes aren’t just for Halloween – they can be used at any time!

Joe’s List for Ideas for Dog Halloween Costumes

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Here are some cute ideas for dog Halloween costumes that you can still order from Amazon - just in time for trick or treating! Or, just dress up any day, any month. Because we pups are super cute no matter what. #joepawdog#bostonterriercommunity#bostonterriers#bostonterriersrock#bostonterrierlove#bostonterrierclub#bostonterriersrule#bostonterrieroverload#bostonterrierpuppy#bostonterrierpics#bostonterriersforever#bostonterrierforever#bostonterrieraddict#bostonterrierpuppies#ボストンテリア#ボステリ #bostonterrierofinstagram#보스턴테리어#squishyface

Please make sure your doggy is safe and happy on Halloween!

UPS Delivery Doggy

I laugh so hard when I see an Insta-pic or Insta-vid of a doggy in this outfit.  It comes in a variety of sizes, from extra-small to large.  I bet you could get extra cred by having your dog deliver candy in that box …


  • Your dog will definitely have great Instagram vids.
  • This has got to be one of the cutest outfits that I’ve seen in a long time.
  • Your doggy will move the box, just like he’s delivering it, with the costume.


  • Cheaply made. Don’t expect a long term outfit.
  • Ill-fitted.  I had to hand-sew a couple of spots to make it fit correctly.
  • No extra-large size for our big doggy friends.

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Panda Puppy Dog

Hey! I kinda like this black & white thing that the panda has going on … I mean, it’s a panda, so it’s automatically awesome, amirite?


  • It’s a panda.
  • Been on Shark Tank.  And sharks are cool.  And scary.
  • Good quality.
  • Another “walker” costume, so the hands flap back and forth, making this super funny.


  • Tough to get on your puppy.
  • Confusing to put on.

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Walking Teddy Bear

Another bear for your collection.  Turn your doggy into this cute teddy bear.


  • It’s a teddy bear.  Need I say more?
  • Great for dogs with brown coloring.
  • Well-made, if you can get over the problems with production.


  • LOTS of problems with production – Amazon has TONS of complaints about feet being sewn on backwards, costumes arriving with missing teddy bear parts, etc.
  • Some people have problems fitting their dog.

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ROOOOOAR!  Doggy Lion


  • Only one piece to fit over the head, since it’s a faux-fur mane.
  • A very easy costume for your dog.


  • Really only good for medium-to-large dogs like Golden Retrievers.
  • Easy for the dog to pull off since it’s like a wig.
  • Some people have issues with it being not fluffy enough.

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Holy Moly!


  • Don’t you know that all dogs go to heaven?
  • His holy eminence, the poop (or is that pope?) is sure to give lots of royal kisses on Halloween.
  • Easy to put on and lightweight.


  • Lots of people have issues with the velcro on the hat.
  • Many complaints about the sizing – the XS is too big.

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  • An extremely simple costume for picky dogs.
  • A classic Aalloween costume, so you can reuse it year after year.


  • Only comes in small and medium.
  • Could annoy dogs that have pointy ears.

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Your doggy will be the cutest cowboy or cowgirl around!  The pants of the outfit fit inside the front paws.


  • Comes in XS to L sizes.
  • Your kitty cat can get in on the action as well, as it is made for both dogs and cats.


  • It’s really a cat costume, so the sizes run small.  A large is not for a large dog.
  • It’s for a cat.  Which means he’ll be a jerk.  You were warned.

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Bandana Tuxedo

Let’s make something very clear.  I’m already the best-dressed dapper dude in the world, so I don’t have any need for this.  But for those of you doggy who don’t have the dressing skills of James Bond, I show you this bandana.


  • Your dog won’t be as stylish as me, but you can at least try.
  • Easy to get on, as it is just a tie-on bandana.
  • Good quality.


  • None.

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Wonder Woman

Your wonderful dog can now be even more wonderful, with DC Comics’s officially sponsored pet costume!


  • It’s officially sponsored, so it’s authentic.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Really only good for female dogs.
  • The stars can be off depending on your dog’s sizing.
  • You can’t see a full star.

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Be a Bull … Dog

A great set of horns if you wanna play a Viking dog, or just be a fabulously real bull dog, just like me!


  • Great also for the winter, so you can get two different uses out of it.
  • Nice and warm if you are going trick or treating.


    • It’s knitted, so keep that in mind.
    • The horns can turn sideways during movement, which is annoying.

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What are your ideas for dog Halloween costumes?

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