Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes Skin?

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes with skin? Yes! Sweet potatoes are good for humans and also your dog. Sweet potatoes and the skins are a good source of iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins C, B6, & A. #doggy #dogs #sweetpotatoes #cookingfordogs #healthydogs #dogfood Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes’ Skin? [sc name=”affiliate”] Mr. Pug looks like he … Read more

Feline Diabetes: Over the Counter Help

Feline diabetes is one of the leading causes of death for cats. This article gives some help for cat owners who can’t afford the expensive costs of treating a diabetic cat. Followers of my Instagram page know that my cat, Fat Boy, just passed away from feline diabetes. According to WebMD, diabetes in cats can … Read more