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Would you like Joe to feature your product or service in an Instagram post?

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Who we’ve worked with (a partial list).

We are also happy to help out any shelter, non-profit organization, or rescue effort for FREE.  Who we work with on a free basis is in the sole discretion of Joe and his family.

In addition to Instagram, our posts are cross-posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  If you do not want your post to be also sent to those social media platforms, please indicate otherwise we assume that you want us to also promote on those platforms.

Also, we are starting featured blog posts in addition to Instagram posts.  At this time, any advertiser that gives us a promo code (affiliate code) will be featured in a 500+ word blog post as well as Pinterest pins dedicated to driving traffic to that post.  These posts are not done on the same time schedule because we are dedicated to producing high, professional-quality photographs first.

Again, note that, at this time, blog posts are only for advertisers who give a promo code.

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